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Years 11 and 12

The Industry and Enterprise Centre is a Year 11 – 12 extension school campus for Rose Bay High School and Clarence High School – it is also open to any Year 11 or 12 student within the teggana collective. The following schools belong to the teggana collective:

  • Bayview Secondary College
  • Campania District School
  • Clarence High School
  • Rose Bay High School
  • Rosny College
  • Sorell District School
  • Tasman District School
  • Triabunna District School

What is the Industry Pathway Program?

The Industry Pathways Program (IPP) offers a pathway for students who are keen to enter the workforce but who also wish to achieve their Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE).

The Program aims to assist students to secure part-time employment with an employer who is willing to take the student on as a trainee. Before starting a work placement students must be able to demonstrate qualities of work readiness.

If students secure an ASBA (Australian School Based Apprenticeship), students continue to study three days a week at the centre and two days a week in their apprenticeship/traineeship.

An Australian School-based Apprenticeship [ASBA] offer students 7 to 15 hours paid work each week and allows year 10, 11 and 12 students to undertake a nationally recognised qualification as an apprentice or trainee while still at school.

Our timetable also aligns with Rosny College’s timetable to enable shared enrolments e.g. studying subjects at Rosny and at IPP. 

What are the subjects on offer at IPP? 

 Subjects that enable students to complete their TCE and become work ready through IPP for 2021 may include:

  • Food and Cooking Essentials
  • Basic Road Safety 1
  • Financial Literacy 1
  • Fitness Experiences 1
  • Career and Life Planning 2
  • Computer Applications 2
  • English Applied 2
  • Exploring Issues in Society 2
  • Making Moral Decisions 2
  • Personal Health and Wellbeing 2
  • Road Safety Education 2
  • Workplace Maths 2
  • VET Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

It is important to remember that in addition to the subjects on offer at the IPP campus, students are also able to undertake a shared enrolment with IPP and other Secondary Colleges in Southern Tasmania. There is also the option of online courses through the Tasmanian Department of Education’s Virtual Learning space.

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