Department of Education - Learners First

Year 9

We are pleased to welcome you to our Senior School. In Year 9 we provide the opportunity to embed the learning and experiences from middle school as you prepare and progress to College and beyond. With over 50 subjects on offer to our Year 9s, students have access to high quality learning experiences that build knowledge, understanding and skills in areas of their interest and potential future pathways.

Through strong connections with the home group teacher, year coordinators and Year 9 Assistant Principal we actively seek opportunities to reflect on how we can all grow as individuals and contribute as a member of our community.  Our Year 9 area of focus in Wellbeing is connected to the importance of belonging, self-belief and resilience./

In our Home Group time we have guest speakers to talk about things that matter to us and what we want to know, including information sessions about keeping safe in our society and thinking about future careers. Examples of these presentations include: Legal Aid, Master Builders and Industry Live. Students also have access to programs from outside agencies that are delivered by the Home Group teachers in the classroom, for example RoadSet. We believe that this is important in ensuring that we are informed citizens and young adults.

Year 9 provides many opportunities for student leadership training and preparation, this includes the Peer Support training course.

Year 9 is a wonderful stepping stone to Year 10 and beyond. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Meet the Team

Kate Thureau (Assistant Principal) –
Charlotte Adams (Senior School Coordinator) –
Thomas Coad (Year 9 Coordinator) –
James Cowley (Year 9/10 Coordinator) –

9R – Jayde Zeitzen
9O – Warren Bradley
9S – Jonathan Cooper
9E – Claire Bugg
9B- Anna Richardson
9A – Jacob Lintner