Department of Education - Learners First

Year 8

‘Educational Excellence for All’ is continued in Year 8 at RBHS. Students experience their core subjects in Home Groups which provides continuity of support both academically and pastorally.  Students are also offered a wide selection of options subjects where passions can be honed and new friendships developed.

Home Group and Grade Time continues to provide students the opportunity to develop strong connections with each other and their teacher. Like Year 7, it is also a key time to participate in year level specific activities, learn about personal and social skills and address issues when needed.

Team work is a strong focus in Year 8 where effective communication strategies are explicitly taught enhancing learning and strengthening social connections with peers and staff. High expectations are paired with support to offer every chance of success for all students at RBHS.

Support and enrichment programs at this year level include the Bikes Program, run by the Risdon Vale Bikes Collective, Deadly Choices, health education course for Indigenous students, the Peaceful Kids girls group and the Mountain Bike track building program.

The Year 8 staff team is made up of outstanding educators from an array of learning areas who are committed to supporting students during this important time. 

Meet the Team

Jared Richardson –
Kim Kay (Middle School Coordinator) –
Nina Parker (Year 8 Coordinator) –

  • 8 R – Nelle Murray
  • 8 0 – Sam Meier
  • 8 S – Andrew Jackson
  • 8 E – Morgan Tarbath
  • 8 B – Ash Rist
  • 8 A – Marco Van Buuren