Department of Education - Learners First

Year 7

Year 7 at Rose Bay High School marks the first year in our middle school and with this transition comes a host of new challenges. These include a new school setting, teachers, subjects, expanding friendships not to mention the changes associated with development from childhood to adolescence. While this may be daunting, a number of supportive measures are put in place to help all students settle into high school life at Rose Bay.

Students in Year 7 have the advantage of strong connections and consistency with their core subject teachers, most often having the same teacher for both English and Humanities, then again for Mathematics and Science. They will have one of these teachers or another on their time-table as their Home Group teacher.

Home Group and Grade Time provides students the opportunity to develop strong connections with each other and their teacher. It is also a key time to participate in year level specific activities, learn about personal and social skills and address issues when needed.

Our Peer Support program also provides students the support of trained Year 10 students. Dedicated times are provided for leaders and Year 7 students to get to know each other at the start of the year and across the first semester. Throughout the rest of the year, these leaders are positive role-models and guiding peers when needed.

Meet the Team

Claire Gluskie (Assistant Principal) –
Kim Kay (Middle School Coordinator) –
Sally Fielding (Year 7 Coordinator) –

  • 7R – Allison Ford/Tamara Dawes
  • 7O – Shaun Worker
  • 7S – Shaun Fullarton/Tamara Dawes
  • 7E – Skye Lawler
  • 7B – Jonothan Welch/Josiah Lanham
  • 7A – Jodie Presnell