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Year 10

Year 10 is a vital and extremely busy year for students at Rose Bay High School. Students will need to apply themselves to their studies, taking advantage of the wide range of subjects on offer for both core and option subjects.

Many students will accept a leadership role within the school including Student Representative Council (SRC), house captain or peer support leader all the while preparing and planning for the future. Transition is an important part of the work we cover during the year. We work closely with Rosny College and the schools in the teganna Collective providing many options for Years 11 and 12. Some students will be preparing to move on to tertiary studies at universities throughout Australia whilst others will be looking towards work, exploring VET programs.

At Rose Bay pastoral care is a priority providing a warm and nurturing environment for our students. Our team, is skilled in supporting students achieve their goals and plan sound pathways through to college. We also provide support for students wanting to gain work experience or school based apprenticeships (ASbA).

The year structure has seen many students having the same Homeroom teacher from Year 7. The teachers endeavour to build good relationships with their students and their family. They track their success and support where necessary-as a parent /carer they are your first point of contact.

Meet the Team

Kate Thureau (Assistant Principal) –
Charlotte Adams (Senior School Coordinator) –
Emma Branton (Year 10 Coordinator) –
James Cowley (Year 9/10 Coordinator) –

10 R – Nikki Green
10 O – Dean Hunt
10 S – Nigel Harbod
10 E – Susan Bowler
10 B – Cassie Boxall
10 A – Judy Whittington/Sharon Waldron
10 Y – Gabe Bird

Student Leadership

Students are encouraged to step up and fulfil the role of a student leader. There are several opportunities available to students interested in developing and building their leadership qualities. All student roles involve an expression of interest via a written application. Students are offered support in Home Group to understand and apply the application process including the drafting and editing of the written application.

In Years 10 students can be elected as part of the Student Prefect Board. Two co-presidents lead this student body. Part of the roles and responsibilities of the Prefect Board are to coordinate assemblies, assembly items, awareness days such as the McGrath Foundation Teachers vs Students cricket match. The Prefect Board are also responsible for running weekly lunchtime sport rosters, setting up the sports equipment borrowing scheme, encourage and coordinate participation in house carnival, assist in running house carnivals and suggest and lead new ideas in building house spirit.

We are proud of our Peer Support Leaders who offer mentorship to new Year 7s joining our community. During the course of Term 1 peer support leaders join Year 7s in their home groups to be role models and act as ‘big brothers and sisters’ to ensure students can have the support they need to adapt, adjust and integrate into their new school environment. Peer support leaders help students with finding their way around the school, using the lockers, getting organised and answering general questions that students are worried or concerned about.